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Imagine you find yourself trapped on an elevator with a literary agent, or maybe you find yourself chatting with one in line for coffee. You tell them you're an aspiring author and you've got a manuscript. Inevitably, they ask what your book is about. The elevator is sinking, the barista is frothing the foam, and you have only seconds to get this agent interested enough in your book to say "send me your manuscript". And you can do it, because you have a killer pitch. 

Now these situations may sound far fetched, but you run into agents all the time at conventions, plus you can show off your pitch online during events like #Pitmad. You never know when you'll get an opportunity to network with an agent or other authors. 


If you have absolutely no idea how to write a pitch that's okay. I'm here to help you. We'll work together to build you a pitch from the ground up. 

We'll start by simply pinning down the most gripping or unique aspects of your book. Then I'll send you a list of questions about your book so I know the material enough to work with. At that point we'll begin crafting a pitch that makes your book standout to agents. We'll likely go through a few drafts to make sure you have a pitch you're happy with. 


E-mail correspondence will be open and ongoing until we've developed a finished draft of your pitch. You're always welcome to ask questions, suggest ideas, make changes, etc. at any point in the process. I prefer using Google Docs as a means to co-edit, but if e-mail is more comfortable for you, that's always an option. 


I have no set time frame for workshops. We can move at your pace. If you want to get a pitch built in a few days, I can manage that. If you're only able to work on it or respond to emails on lunch brakes or after the kids have gone to bed, I will work around that schedule. My only restrictions are that you must respond to e-mails or Google Doc edits promptly (within a day or two of receiving them), even if only to let me know that you need more time to look them over, AND I sometimes work on weekends but not always, so correspondence is not to be expected on Saturdays or Sundays.  

If you're interested in a Pitch Workshop, hit the contact button below or e-mail me at Make sure PITCH WORKSHOP is the subject line. Payment is accepted via PayPal ONLY and must be paid upfront. I will provide you with PayPal info upon first correspondence.