After #Pitmad

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

I didn't get a like, what now?

#Pitmad may be over but it doesn't mean your work is done. If you didn't get any likes from agents or publishers that's okay. If you're ready to query, then there are steps you can take to find an agent.


Hundreds of stories are pitched during Pitmad. Search the #pitmad hashtag on Twitter and read through some of the top posts to see if any of the pitches that got likes from agents are similar in style to your book. If you can't find any under the Pitmad hashtag that work, then try searching under the genre hashtags. Pitchwars has a list of genres tags right here, so either search the one you used, or try a couple that fit your book.

My pitch was nowhere near the top of the Pitman tag but it was close tot he top under #SF, so search around and make a list of a few pitches you think are similar in style to your manuscript.


This is where is takes a little work and internet surfing. Scroll through the likes on each of the pitches (you can do that by clicking on the post then clicking on the word Likes under the post rather than on the heart button) and find the likes that are actual agents.

Even though likes are supposed to be reserved for agents and industry professionals, not everyone on the internet knows about Pitmad, so there's bound to be a few rouge likes. When you find an agent check their profile for a website or mention of what agency they work for (often they will simple @ their agency in their bio) and start a list.

Narrow it Down

Now it's time to go through that list and find agents you think are a good match. Find the agents preferences and cross off any who don't represent what you're writing. Also cross off any who say they aren't open to submissions. Just because an agent participated in Pitmad doesn't mean they are open to unsolicited manuscripts.

Cold Query

A cold query is when you query an agent without prior communication, otherwise known as submitting an unsolicited manuscript. Make sure you read each agent's guidelines because they may all be a bit different. Make sure you are submitting all the materials they ask for. My main advice for queries is to keep it brief. Just like a pitch, less is more.

Do NOT mention #Pitmad

This is important. If an agent did not like you're query then you can not say you found them through Pitmad. If they end up representing you then there's no problem with letting them know how you came across them, but in you're query it's best not to even mention Pitmad encase you come off as implying they liked your pitch. That's a no no. The benefit of getting the likes on Pitmad pitches is you're no longer "unsolicited", and will probably go to the top of that agents pile. If you didn't get a like you just can't use that pass. It sucks, but them's the rules.

Even if you didn't participate in Pitmad, you can still go through these steps and find a list of agents who may be a good fit. Researching agents is hard work. Pitmad is a fantastic resource that makes that work a little bit easier.

Writing Services

If you didn't get any interest from agents and want to build a stronger pitch, I can help with that! I offer two pitch writing services: I'll look at your pitch and show you how you can improve it, or I'll help you crate a brand new pitch from the ground up. And if you really want to get in shape for the next pitch event check out my bundles!

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