Book Release: Summoned!

Summoned, the first installment in the Demon Summoner Trilogy releases today!

This is my first book. The first published and really the first that I've finished to the point of being submission ready. I wanted to take this opportunity to talk a little about how I got here and what this means to me.

All writers dream of being published one day, of having fans, of quitting the day job. I was lucky, because the people who have inspired me are all realists, and generous to new writers with advice and encouragement. With their words in mind I have always tried to keep realistic goals. That meant not getting discouraged if things weren't moving fast enough, or at all. It meant telling myself daily that this is a long road. My favorite author queried seven novels before he got a publishing contract and I burned that number onto my soul. Seven.

So if you'd told me a few years ago that I'd have my first novel published at 23, that I be seeing reviews that say "I need to know what happens next!", I'd have laughed.

Reading through the contract was surreal, definitely a pinch-me-I'm-dreaming sort of experience. The road after that was a year of torturous waiting interspersed with short bursts of exciting developments like content edits, line edits, and formatting edits (yes these things are exciting for authors!) and then

Maybe I'm too green to be giving advice but...if you're an author, stay real. Don't think your path needs to mirror that of you idols, in speed, or success, or anything.

And if you're a reader, keep reading, because us authors wouldn't be here without you.




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