How I Got Nearly 500 Retweets On My #PitMad Pitch

There are many resources for writing a great pitch (you can find my tips for it here) but not a ton of advice for how to get agents to see it.

I’ve participated in #Pitmad a few times now and had varying success. My most recent attempt however saw one of my pitches get nearly 500 retweets.

Many people think #Pitmad is a popularity contest and that you’ll only get likes and retweets if you have a lot of followers, but that’s not true. At the time, I only had about 600 followers, and I believe you can manage what I did with far less. Is there some luck involved? Of course. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a strategy.

One Tweet was the cause for my success last time and it wasn’t my pitch:

I made this Tweet just after I posted my last pitch of the day. I started getting responses and made sure I retweeted everyone’s pinned Tweets or the ones they linked in the comments to my post. The Tweet started to really blow up and I spent the rest of Pitmad retweeting like crazy, but for every Tweet I shared, someone shared mine and soon my last pitch was blowing up too.

I’m proud of the pitch I crafted, but I owe most of my success to the Tweet I made offering to help others, so I built a strategy around that.

  1. Space out your pitches. If you’re pitching all three then make sure each has time to shine! Make sure when you post a new pitch it is your pinned Tweet.

  2. Right after you post your first pitch, make a Tweet offering to share other writers’ pinned Tweets. Make it obvious that you’re pitching too and that this is a trade, this will send writers to your feed to look for your pitch.

  3. Every time someone comments, go to their feed and retweet their pinned Tweet. ONLY share pinned Tweets or Tweets people link in the comment. Believe me, you don’t have time to be scrolling through someone’s feed. Most writers know is and will have their pitch pinned.

  4. This step is IMPORTANT: once you’ve shared their tweet, go back and comment Done, or I got you, or a thumbs up emoji so they know you’ve shared their pitch. Each comment on your Tweet boosts it in the algorithm. I started trying to give unique responses like gifs, but I eventually got so much traffic on the Tweet I just copied Done with a smiley face and pasted it into the comments. People aren't looking for a long convo, this is just to boost your Tweet, you can engage later.

  5. Keep sharing and retweeting, and if traffic on the Tweet dies down, make a new one. It will appear at the top of people’s feed and they’ll be looking for posts like these to interact with.

This method is time consuming; I spent the entire evening glued to my phone. It started to feel very impersonal which was sad because I LOVE interacting with writers on Twitter. I was retweeting pitches indiscriminately so I wanted another way to show writers I appreciated their pitch. When I found a pitch that was in the same genres I write or just one that really grabbed my attention, I’d give them a follow. You can also add them to a list if you want to remind you to go back and check out their feed after the #Pitmad madness has died down.

This worked for me once and I can’t guarantee it will work every time, but I’ll be trying this method again this time around.

Remember that #Pitmad is supposed to be fun! It gives us practice at pitching and also lets us dip a toe into the publishing world, getting that much closer to the realm of agents. Even if you don’t get a like from an agent there is still so much you can do after #Pitmad to discover agents who might make a great fit for your novel.

If you do get a like from an agent make sure to do your homework and look them up on Writer Beware to make sure they aren't on their black list.

If you need help crafting a great pitch check out my Writing Services. I'm always happy to work with new authors on improving their pitches and queries!

Good luck and have fun pitching!

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