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I sold my first book from a 280 character Tweet. #Pitmad is an event that takes place on Twitter where you can you pitch your book to industry professionals. Getting a like on a pitch is hard, and even if you get that like you still have to send them a query. I've come to love both pitching and query writing, but I know how difficult it can be. You've done the hard work of writing the book, let me help you with the rest.

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Wrote a pitch but not sure if it's strong? I'll give you feedback, including edits and suggestions for how you can improve it to catch the eye of agents.

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Ready to query? I'll read over your query letter and give you feedback, focusing on things like organization of information, word choice, length, and hook.

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No Idea how you're going to get your whole novel into 280 characters? No problem, we'll work together to build a pitch that represents your story.

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Don't know what to include in a query letter? No worries, we'll discuss your novel together and build a query letter that will represent your and your work to agents.


"Mckayla was very helpful with advice regarding agents, pitching, and comp titles. She also made me aware that certain sections in the query letter needed rewording to make them easier to understand."

N.C Kay


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I'll critique your pitch and your query letter, providing you with feedback, edits, and suggestions.

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