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Querying is notoriously the most hated part of the publishing process. Not only is there the possibility of rejections, but before you can even submit to an agent you must find a way to boil down thousands of words into only a couple paragraphs. That's why writing a query is a skill in and of itself. Though I specialize in fantasy and sci-fi, I've helped edit and write queries for every genre from children's picture books to erotic romance.


After you submit your query I will read and edit it. Turn around is usually within 48 hours during weekdays. Your critique will include some line edits and a couple paragraphs of suggestions and notes. If I think you have a hook and all the other info an agent will want then your critique will mostly consist of line edits, word choice, and flow to make sure your query is as polished as possible. If I think your query has significant structural issues then your critique will consist mostly of notes and suggestions. 

*Note that my critiques focus more on content and flow, I will correct spelling and grammar when I find mistakes but it is not the purpose of the critique. 


If you have questions about your critique after you receive it back from me I will be happy to answer them. If anything in the critique is unclear you are welcome to reach out. I want to make sure you get the most out of the critique. 


Although I am always happy to talk about critiques, I don't have the time to keep up extraordinary correspondences or review multiple drafts of a query. However, if you use my critique to change or rewrite your query and would like a new critique on it, then you can resubmit it for only $5 instead of ten. 

*Note that re-submissions must be sent within 30 days of the date I returned your first critique and must be the same query. (By which I mean for the same book, incorporating some of the edits or suggestions I previously provided you. It's not required that you include EVERYTHING I suggested as they are after all simply suggestions.)

If you're interested in a Query Critique, hit the contact button below or e-mail me at Make sure QUERY CRITIQUE is the subject line. Payment is accepted via PayPal ONLY and must be paid upfront. I will provide you with PayPal info upon first correspondence