Image by Kelly Sikkema


You've just written a book. First, let me say a sincere congratulations. That is a HUGE achievement. You've spent hours on it, poured blood, sweat, and tears into it. Pop some bubbly and celebrate while you can, because the next part sucks. 

Querying is a grueling process. You have to take thousands of words you carefully constructed and boil them down to a couple paragraphs. You've worked so hard to write the book, but now you've got to sell it. That means writing a query that will hook agents. You've only got a few hundred words, so everyone has to count. 


If you've never written a query letter before, that's okay because we're going to start from scratch. 

We'll start with a simple discussion of your book. I'm going to ask a LOT of questions until I feel comfortable with the material. We'll nail down what makes your book unique and what info needs to be in the query letter. 

If you already know what agents you want to query then I'll help you decide how to personalize your letter to them. If you have no idea who you'll be querying, don't worry, I'll give you pointers and form sentences you can adapt to individual agents. 


E-mail correspondence will be open and ongoing until we've developed a finished draft of your query. You're always welcome to ask questions, suggest ideas, make changes, etc. at any point in the process. I prefer using Google Docs as a means to co-edit, but if e-mail is more comfortable for you, that's always an option. 


I have no set time frame for workshops. We can move at your pace. If you want to get a query built in a week, I can manage that. If you're only able to work on it or respond to emails on lunch brakes or after the kids have gone to bed, I will work around that schedule. My only restrictions are that you must respond to e-mails or Google Doc edits promptly (within a day or two of receiving them), even if only to let me know that you need more time to look them over, AND I sometimes work on weekends but not always, so correspondence is not to be expected on Saturdays or Sundays.  

If you're interested in a Query Workshop, hit the contact button below or e-mail me at Make sure QUERY WORKSHOP is the subject line. Payment is accepted via PayPal ONLY and must be paid upfront. I will provide you with PayPal info upon first correspondence.